The December Watchlist

Welcome back, we've missed you! Its been a little while since our last watchlist but we are back with some amazing new movies to show you. This month we've got magic, music, and a touch of mystery. In true Character style, we've picked our top movies that have just been released, and some that are on the horizon, to make sure that your weekend is filled with fun so you can wear a smile all the way to the cinema.

Multi Miles


This movie is Disney’s new big blockbuster! With a whole new host of songs, lovable characters, and of course, a touch of magic, this movie is certainly one to watch this month.

"Wish" is all about the young protagonist, Asha, who makes a wish so powerful that it is answered by a cosmic force, who appears as a little ball of energy called Star. With the help of Star, Asha goes on a quest to save her kingdom from the nefarious king Magnifico and to prove that courage and magic stars can make wondrous things happen!

Age Rating: U

Available: In Cinemas

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Trolls Movie

"The Trolls Movie" is all about family! Long-lost siblings and secret pasts of great success. Poppy discovers that Branch was once part of the boy band 'BroZone' with his brothers, Floyd, John Dory, Spruce, and Clay. When Floyd is kidnapped, Branch and Poppy embark on a journey to reunite his two other brothers and rescue Floyd.

Age Rating: PG

Available: In Cinemas and on Prime Video

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The Marvels 

In Marvel Studios' "The Marvels," Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, has triumphantly reclaimed her true self from the oppressive Kree regime and sought justice against the Supreme Intelligence. However, unforeseen outcomes compel Carol to bear the weight of a universe in turmoil.

Age Rating: PG-13

Available: In Cinemas

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

This movie is a sequel to the original movie released in 2018. Here, Aquaman balances his duties as king and as a member of the Justice League, all while planning a wedding. Black Manta is on the hunt for Atlantean tech to help rebuild his armor. Orm plots to escape his Atlantean prison.

Age Rating: PG-13 

Available: In Cinemas on December 22nd

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Based on Roald Dahl's infamous "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," this movie tells the story of the magnificent Willy Wonka and how he became the wonderful inventor that we all know and love.

Age Rating: PG 

Available: In Cinemas on December 15th

To wrap it up, there's a fantastic lineup of movies waiting for you this month. From the enchanting world of "Wish" to the heartwarming family adventure of "The Trolls Movie" and the epic superhero journey in "The Marvels," there's something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, with "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" and "Wonka" on the horizon, it's an exciting time to be a film fanatic. So, grab your popcorn, gather your friends and family, and head to the cinemas for a month filled with fun, magic, and memorable moments. And don't forget to check out our cool movie-inspired collections to add a dash of extra excitement to your movie nights!