Alice in Wonderland T-Shirt


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  • Enchanting Design: Our Alice in Wonderland t-shirt for girls features Alice standing atop a mountain of books, with the adorable White Rabbit in a teacup beside her. It's a magical tribute to the world of books and Disney's timeless characters.
  • Celebrate Literature in Disney Style: Let your little one celebrate Book Day in style with Disney. Our tshirt showcases their love for literature as it proudly shows the words "Alice in Wonderland Loves Books," making it a perfect choice for young bookworms and Disney fans alike.

Get ready to dive down the rabbit hole of imagination with our Alice in Wonderland t shirt for girls! This delightful tee brings Disney's beloved characters to life, featuring Alice herself, poised atop a stack of books, while the White Rabbit enjoys a whimsical teacup ride nearby. Whether it's for Book Day or everyday adventures, this officially licensed Disney merchandise is a playful and enchanting addition to your child's wardrobe. Let your little one's love for books and Disney shine with this charming t-shirt that captures the magic of Wonderland in every stitch. 

  • Blue
  • 100% Cotton