Bluey Dress


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  • Bluey Style: Celebrate every day with Bluey and Bingo in this vibrant pink dress, sparking joy and imagination in every twirl.
  • Playful Design: Featuring a playful "Let's do this" and a jubilant "Hooray!" alongside your favourite characters, it's more than a dress; it's an invitation to adventure.

Add a skip to your step with our Pink Bluey Adventure Dress! Wrapped in the softest pink with delightful lighter spots, this dress is your everyday confetti. The top half shows Bingo in mid-run, ready to whisk you away with the words 'Let's do this,' while the skirt features Bluey leaping for joy, shouting "Hooray!" It's not just a long-sleeved dress; it's a playdate with inspiration, designed for comfort, style, and a dash of the unexpected. So, are you ready to jump into fun?

  • Pink
  • Top 100% Cotton Rib 95% Cotton 5% Elastane