Bluey Star Nightdress


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  • Dreamy Design: Snuggle up in these Bluey pjs, featuring a peaceful print of Bluey sleeping amidst stars and crescent moons.
  • Comfort with a Twist: Delight in the contrasting blue frilly trim and sleeves, adding a splash of fun to bedtime routines.

This enchanting Bluey nightdress is perfect for fans of the popular animated series. The nightie showcases an adorable print of Bluey sleeping, set against a backdrop of stars and crescent moons, all over a soft purple base. It’s made even more fun by a contrasting blue frilly trim at the bottom and matching blue sleeves, making it not only comfortable but also playful. These Bluey pyjamas combine cosiness with fun, ensuring sweet dreams and happy bedtimes for little Bluey enthusiasts.

  • Pink
  • 100% Polyester