LOL Surprise Splatters Crystal Art Buddy


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  • So Glamourous: Glam and bling in a box, the LOL Surprise Splatters Crystal Art Buddy crafting kit is perfect for every LOL Doll aficionado.
  • Colourful Splatters: Dive into a "Colour Outside the Lines!" adventure in just 20-30 minutes with this 11cm star.

Unbox the magic of the LOL Surprise Splatters with the Art Buddy craft kit! Within a fun-filled 20-30 minutes, you'll be making a splash, transforming the laser-grade plywood into the glamorous and bling-filled world of LOL Dolls. This kit shouts "Colour Outside the Lines!" in every crafty detail, making it the ultimate gift for those ready to dive into the glitzy world of gifting. Ready to spread some sparkly surprises?

  • Multicoloured