Guess Who? - Marvel Edition


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  • Marvel-ous Gaming: Unleash your inner superhero with the "Marvel Guess Who?" Game – a thrilling face-off to deduce the secret Marvel character of your opponent!
  • Super Gifting: Engage in a battle of wits worthy of the Avengers, the perfect gift for Marvel enthusiasts ready to challenge their comic book character knowledge.

Sharpen your detective skills, Marvel crusaders! The "Marvel Guess Who?" Game is here to test your ability to outsmart your nemesis by asking clever questions and narrowing down a line-up of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Is your opponent channelling the strength of Thor or the stealth of Black Widow? Each guess brings you closer to victory, making you the hero of game night. This game is a must-have essential for Marvel fans, whether its for yourself or as a gift, inviting players of all ages to a fun-filled showdown where only the most knowledgeable champion will win. Will you triumph like Captain America or be as cunning as Loki? There’s only one way to find out!

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