Mickey Mouse Selfie Light


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  • Mickey's Magic Glow: White Mickey Mouse head-shaped selfie light provides enchanting illumination for picture-perfect Disney selfies!
  • Gifts the Glitter: A dazzling option for gifting, spreading Mickey’s luminescent joy on Christmas, birthdays, and every selfie-worthy occasion in between!

Light up your selfies with a dash of Disney using our Mickey Mouse Selfie Light, where magical moments are captured in every gleaming snapshot! Shaped like the iconic, cheerful head of Mickey, this white selfie light attaches gracefully to the top of your phone, ensuring each shot is bathed in a soft, flattering glow. It’s not just a light, it’s a sprinkle of enchantment in your memories, making it an utterly delightful gift for Disney lovers on Christmas, birthdays, and any occasion worthy of a dash of Mickey magic! Let’s illuminate those magical moments and keep the Disney dream brightly alive in every click!

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