Paddington Bear Crystal Art Buddy


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  • Paddington Charm: Bedazzle Paddington's iconic red hat and blue coat, bringing his charm and warmth to your personal space.
  • Marmalade Magic!: Unleash sparkle and fun in just 20-30 minutes with your 11cm Paddington Bear crystal art project, marmalade sandwiches not included!

Ready for a charming, crafty adventure? In less time than it takes Paddington to polish off a marmalade sandwich, you'll bring to life your very own 11cm crystal art buddy! Every gem adds a dash of magic to his iconic attire, from the sparkling red hat (perfect for sandwich storage!) to his shimmering blue coat. And let's not forget the twinkling plea around his neck, asking for just a smidge of your care—a delightful, sparkling keepsake that's bound to warm hearts wherever he sits! The perfect DIY gift for Paddington fans. 

  • Blue
  • Red