Pokemon Reversible Bucket Hat


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  • Vibrant Versatile Style: Embrace double the fun with this boys reversible Pokemon hat! On one side, a black bucket hat adorned with an electrifying design featuring Pikachu, pokeballs, and playful 'Pikachu' lettering within a lightning bolt – all in vibrant yellow.
  • Poke-Perfect Reversibility: Flip the cap for a change of style and reveal the pokeball central design on the reversible side, complete with a yellow trim and matching Pokemon logo hem tag. Now, you've got two looks in one, ensuring your little Pokemon Trainer is ready for any adventure with a touch of Pokemon flair!

Elevate your kid's accessory game with this Boys Reversible Pokemon Hat! The black bucket hat is a burst of Pokemon energy, showcasing Pikachu, pokeballs, and 'Pikachu' text in a dazzling yellow palette. Adding a playful touch, the hat boasts a reversible side featuring a prominent pokeball design, accompanied by a yellow trim and the iconic Pokemon logo hem tag. Whether it's Pikachu's spark or the classic pokeball charm, this hat ensures your little one is geared up for style and Pokemon escapades.

  • Black
  • Synthetic