Rainbow High Towel Poncho


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  • Official Rainbow High Merchandise: This officially licenced Rainbow High towel poncho for girls, features Stella posing confidently in her iconic pink attire against a backdrop of vibrant rainbow stripes, ensuring your little one stands out in style at the pool or beach.
  • Stay Snug in All Situations: This Rainbow High bath towel boasts a hood and absorbent 100% cotton material, offering luxurious comfort whether your child is enjoying sunny beach days or wrapping up after a refreshing bath.

Wrap your little fashionista in style with this Rainbow High beach towel for girls. The bright pink design showcases Stella in her signature look, surrounded by playful rainbow stripes, adding a pop of colour to any beach or pool day. The back of the poncho also shows her friends Jade and Bella. Made from 100% cotton with a cosy hood, this poncho is perfect for keeping her warm and dry, making it a must-have accessory for any aquatic adventure or post-bath relaxation session.

  • Pink
  • 100% Cotton