Stitch Lilo and Stitch Disney Crystal Art Buddy XL


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  • Add Stitch, our beloved blue mischief-maker, to your family of Crystal Art crafts: Ohana means family, and in our crafting world, no one gets left behind! Your Disney collection won't be complete without the sparkling shenanigans of Stitch.
  • Blue Menace Becomes Crystal Marvel: Engage in a breezy 20-30 minute crafting session and watch as Stitch, the infamous 25cm Disney alien, transforms into a twinkling, blue masterpiece. Whether you’re a master crafter or a beginner eager to explore, the Crystal Art XL Stitch promises an adventure of fun, creativity, and unique home décor creation.

Aloha, fellow crafters! Surf the crafting waves with the Stitch from Lilo & Stitch Crystal Art Buddy kit. In a quick and delightful 20-30 minutes, you’ll transform a piece of laser-grade plywood into a glistening, blue, mischievous alien that's bound to steal the hearts of Lilo and every member of your ohana! Crafting becomes a celebration of whimsy and family when Stitch is involved, making it an idyllic gift for fans and crafting enthusiasts alike. Dive in, create, and let the enchanting world of Lilo and Stitch sparkle through your masterpiece!

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