Super Mario Mushroom Icons Light


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  • Power-Up Your Room: This Kids Super Mario Mushroom Light is a vibrant lamp, crafted to resemble the iconic power-up mushroom from the Mario Bros games, bringing a playful touch of gaming nostalgia.
  • Sounds Like Fun: It doesn't just light up your space; it also plays the classic Mushroom sound from the Mario games, adding an extra layer of fun to your child's room.

Get your little gamer ready to game with this Super Mario Mushroom Light! This eye-catching lamp is meticulously designed to mimic the famous power-up mushroom, infusing a bright and playful vibe into any space. It's not just a light; it's an interactive experience - with a press, it plays the familiar Mushroom sound, delighting fans of the Mario series. They can team up with Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach to save the mushroom kingdom and not even Bowser will be able to stop them with this iconic powerup light!

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