Get Ready for Back to School!

Parents, are you ready for Back to School Season? 

If your answer to this question is no, then don't hit the panic stations just yet, has got your back.

We've put together a helpful checklist to get you through it. Click here to get a printable back to school check list with links to some of the best back to school products the internet has to offer!

As summer winds down and the school bells start ringing again, going back to school is like opening the first page of an exciting story – it's filled with the promise of new friendships, adventures, and learning for your little ones. Whether your kids are going to school for the first time, or they're going back for a new year, our guide is the perfect companion to make sure this time goes smoothly. 

1. Dream Up Their Year: Sit down with your little one before they go back and ask them to imagine all the amazing things they want to do this school year! Do they want to learn more about dinosaurs? Make new friends? Or become a math whiz? Setting goals for what they'd like to achieve will make each day feel like a new adventure, you can even make a mood board with them so that they can visually see their goals for the year in their bedroom! 

2. Organise Their Supplies and Space: There's nothing like new stationery. Gather their pencils, notebooks, and that cool backpack they've been waiting to show off! Organising supplies and creating a cozy space for homework and reading will make your little one feel super prepared and ready to dive into all new school activities.

3. A Daily Adventure Map: Having a daily schedule is key for all of us, it is like having your very own treasure map. It shows them where to go, what to learn, and when to play. Sit down with your little one and create a fun and colourful schedule that includes the lessons for the day, break times, and all the kit they need. After this weekly schedule is done, pack their backpack ready for the next day. 

4. Encourage Them to Make Friends: School is a place where friendships bloom like colorful flowers. Remind your little ones to smile, say hi, and don't be shy to introduce themselves to new friends.

5. Have Fun Learning: Learning is not just about books and pencils – it's also about having fun! Encourage them to join clubs, try new activities, and engage in art and music. Remember, school is a place to explore interests and talents.

6. Celebrate Every Achievement: When they finish a puzzle, learn a new word, or make progress in reading, celebrate! They're achieving great things every day, and these little victories deserve a big high-five.

Don't forget to check out and download the handy checklist!