Bluey Nightwear & Clothing


Browse our huge Bluey clothing range, a delightful assortment of apparel and accessories that capture the spirit and charm of the beloved kids TV series. This collection is comfortable and stylish perfect for every young fan of Bluey.


Slip into the world of Bluey and Bingo with our irresistibly soft pyjamas. Made from soft, comfortable materials, these pyjamas offer a cosy embrace, perfect for a restful night's sleep. Featuring adorable prints of Bluey and Bingo, your little ones will be excited to snuggle up and embark on imaginative dreamy adventures.


For daytime adventures, our collection has a wide range of bold and vibrant t-shirts. These eye-catching tops showcase the lovable Bluey and Bingo characters in various playful poses and scenes. Each shirt is made with care, using soft and breathable fabrics that provide maximum comfort while ensuring durability for even the most spirited playtime activities your little pup could get up to.


Our range extends beyond just clothing, offering spacious Bluey school backpacks that combine practicality with playful & fun designs. These backpacks feature great storage space, multiple compartments, and adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. Children will love carrying their school essentials in these backpacks, showing off their love for Bluey and Bingo characters, adding an extra touch of excitement to their school days.


In addition, our Bluey range also includes a range of accessories such as bedding, socks, underwear and even swimwear. Each accessory embodies the delightful world of Bluey, allowing children to express their love for the show in their own unique way.


Whether your little ones are lounging at home, heading to school, or exploring the great outdoors, the range provides a delightful collection of soft pyjamas, bold t-shirts, fun swimwear, and more. With every item featuring the lovable Bluey and Bingo characters, this collection is sure to bring endless smiles, imagination, and joy to the young fans of this beloved TV series. Exclusively available at