What Does Barbie Mean to You?

Are you ready to watch the Barbie movie?

Barbie Sweatshirt

Hey there! This week at Character.com, we're all buzzing with excitement as we dive headfirst into a sea of pink in celebration of the upcoming Barbie movie release on July 21st! While we're having a blast, we also want to take a moment and hear from you. What does Barbie mean to you?

Barbie has been a superstar since her debut in 1959, winning over the hearts of people all around the globe. She's become an iconic figure, a symbol of beauty, empowerment, and limitless potential. Whether you played with Barbies or not, chances are you've encountered this beloved brand, especially with the buzz surrounding the new Barbie movie starring the fabulous Margot Robbie and the charming Ryan Gosling!

But let's talk about what Barbie represents on a deeper level. Beyond being a toy, Barbie encourages self-expression and embraces individuality. She's not just a pretty face—she's an inspiration to be yourself and follow your dreams. 

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So, let's raise our pink flags high and celebrate the Barbie magic together! We'd love to hear your stories—did Barbie have a special place in your childhood? Did she inspire you to chase your dreams or express your individuality? Barbie's influence has touched so many lives, and we want to hear how she's made an impact on yours. Just head to twitter and tag us @characterdotcom in your tweet with what Barbie means to you!