What does love mean to our kids?

This Valentine's, we're redefining the concept of love and what it means to you, and more importantly, to our kids. Valentine's Day isn't merely about flowers and chocolates, it's a day to celebrate love in all its many forms, including the special bond between children and their favourite characters.
What brings comfort to your little ones? What makes them happy? I can guarantee that their beloved characters are among the first things that come to mind! More likely than not, at least one of these characters below have become a household name for you recently:
Bluey, Disney, PAW Patrol, SquishmallowsAt Character.com, we believe that love can be small things, like the smile on their faces when they're watching the latest Bluey episode or watching them play pretend princesses with their friends. So we thought it would be interesting to ask some little characters what love meant to them, and here are some of our answers: 
What does love mean to kids?
We also believe that love is the dedication families give to make every day consistent and comfortable for their little ones. Love takes various forms, but this Valentine's Day, parents, grandparents, and guardians, you deserve recognition.
You express your love in ways your children won't fully grasp until they have families of their own.They won't remember the last-minute dash for baking supplies for food tech class or that you've become a part-time taxi driver. They may forget the evenings spent watching the same Disney movies over and over again.
What they will remember is you being there to watch them in the school play, picking them up when they've stumbled, the times when you were tired but present, and above all else, they'll remember that you taught them how to love.
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