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Women’s Operation Board Game Pyjama Set


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  • Operation Fun for Women: Get ready to operate in style with our Women's Operation Board game pyjama set!
  • Game Night Glam: These pyjamas feature a white short-sleeved top that brings the classic Operation board game to bedtime, complete with tweezers, and it playfully encourages you to "Be the doctor in this classic game."

Elevate your bedtime routine with our Women's Operation game pyjama set! The white, short-sleeved pyjama top reimagines the classic Operation board game setup, complete with tweezers, so you can channel your inner surgeon even before sleep. With the whimsical slogan "Be the doctor in this classic game," these pjs add a dash of playfulness to your night time routine. The matching red bottoms, inspired by the Operation board game, ensure you're both stylish and comfortable while you prepare for a night of restful "operations" on dreamland patients.

  • Red
  • White
  • 100% Cotton