Barbie Long Sleeve Dress


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Sparkle and Shine: This Barbie dress dazzles with a glitter-haired unicorn and the inspiring message "The Magic Is In You"!

Colorful and Cool: Featuring a hue-shifting Barbie logo from blue to pink and a playful all-over print, this dress is a daywear delight!

This delightful Barbie dress is a magical wardrobe must-have for any young fashionista. The long-sleeved, pink design showcases a charming central image of Barbie with a unicorn horn, set against a sparkling unicorn with glittery hair. The dress radiates positivity with the uplifting phrase ‘The Magic Is In You’ surrounding the central image. The skirt is adorned with a whimsical all-over print of unicorns, Barbie silhouettes, the letter ‘B’, and the phrase ‘Feeling Magical’ in vibrant, multicoloured hues.

  • Pink
  • 100% Cotton