Hot Wheels Pullover Hoodie


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  • Rev up your style: 100% cotton navy blue hoodie featuring an electrifying full-front Twin Duction car print.
  • Speed-stripes and comfort collide: cosy cuff wrists with striking yellow arm stripes and a snug ribbed band.

Get ready to zoom into the fashion fast lane with our Boys Hot Wheels Hoodie in standout navy blue! This isn't just any sweatshirt; it's your backstage pass to Coolville, thanks to a blazing Hot Wheels Twin Duction print, smoking its competition right on your chest. Don't forget the yellow speed-stripes racing down the arms - because, in the world of playground prestige, they're your turbo boosters. Crafted with 100% cotton and sealed with a ribbed band, it's comfort meets cool, and it's your ticket to the winner's circle!

  • Blue
  • 100% Cotton