Disney Minnie Mouse Long Sleeve Striped Dress


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  • Enchanting Minnie Magic: A navy top half beams with a classic, large Minnie Mouse face and her iconic signature, making every wear a Disney dream come true!
  • Striped Comfort: The playful striped skirt, doused in a whimsical overlay of repeated Minnie faces atop crisp white and navy stripes, twirling straight into fun and fantasy! The perfect item for winter made of 100% Cotton. 

Introduce a sprinkle of Disney enchantment to her wardrobe with our Minnie Mouse long-sleeve striped skirt dress! The top half, bathed in a rich navy hue, showcases a charismatic, classic Minnie Mouse face, paired eloquently with her signature – ensuring she’s always in delightful company. But the magic doesn’t stop there! The skirt twirls into a world where classic stripes of white and navy play backdrop to an adorable cascade of Minnie faces, crafting a look that’s equal parts chic and cheeky, ensuring your little one is always twirling in the happiest dress on Earth!

  • Blue
  • White
  • 100% Cotton