Gabby's Dollhouse Hair Accessories Backpack Set


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  • Gabby's Backpack Essentials: Pack up the fun with a see-through backpack filled with hair treasures, featuring clips, bows, and bobbles inspired by Gabby's whimsical world!
  • Feline Hair Fashion: Show off your style on the go with Gabby and a feline friend adorning the front, complete with comfy pink straps for all-day adventures.

Who says you can't take the magic with you? With Gabby's Dollhouse backpack hair accessory set, you're all set for enchantment on the move! This isn't just any backpack; it's a see-through wonderland showcasing an array of hair delights, from clips and bows to bouncy bobbles, ensuring your locks are always in for a treat. The front design beams with Gabby's cheerful face alongside a cute feline friend, alongside a floral flourish, while the pink straps mean you're carrying a bit of Gabby's charm wherever you roam. Ready, set, pack - your hair's playdate with style is just a zip away!

  • Multicoloured