Hot Wheels Pyjamas


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  • Zoom to Dreamland: Get ready for a high-speed bedtime adventure with our Hot Wheels Pyjamas! These PJs rev up the excitement with a top showcasing two racing cars and a cheeky "Challenge Accepted" in bold yellow, making bedtime a thrilling challenge in itself.
  •  Hot Dreams, Cool Comfort: These pyjamas are like a pit stop for your little racer's dreams. The bottoms come with an elasticated waist, adorned with a snazzy blue checkered design featuring fiery flames and the iconic "Hot Wheels" logo. It's a comfy, cool, and fun way to drift off into dreamland!

Transform bedtime into a race against the Sandman with our Hot Wheels jammies! Designed for young thrill-seekers, these PJs feature a vibrant top boasting two zooming cars and a playful "Challenge Accepted" message in striking yellow. Plus, the top proudly displays the Hot Wheels logo and "Est. 1968" for a touch of racing heritage. The pj bottoms are equally exciting, with an elasticated waist and an all-over blue checkered pattern featuring blazing flames and the "Hot Wheels" name. Your little racer will have a blast zooming off to sleep in these comfortable and stylish pyjamas, making bedtime an adventure worth accepting every night!

  • Blue
  • 100% Cotton