Leroy Stitch Plush


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  •  Mischief in Plush Form: Meet Disney's Leroy Stitch plush from Leroy and Stitch, sitting and grinning with those unmistakable pink ears!
  • Alien Cuddles Await: Ideal for Lilo and Stitch fans and plushie collectors, this Leroy Stitch plush brings intergalactic fun to your cuddle time.
Disney's Leroy Stitch plush from "Leroy and Stitch" is a charming and playful addition for anyone who loves the Lilo and Stitch universe. This plush captures Leroy in a sitting position, featuring a mischievous smile that perfectly embodies his character. His distinctive pink ears add an extra touch of cuteness to this adorable alien. This plush is perfect for fans of the series, as well as plushie collectors, offering a unique and cuddly companion that brings a piece of the beloved movie into your home.

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