Mens Pokemon Blastoise Hoodie


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  • Pokémon Power: Unleash the "Hydro Pump" with the exclusive black hoodie featuring a striking pale blue Blastoise, ready for action!
  • Men's Hoodie: Minimalist front meets epic back with 'BLASTOISE' and 'POKEMON 009' for the ultimate fans.

Get ready to make a splash in the Pokémon world with our Men's Black Pokémon Hoodie, starring the one and only Blastoise! This cozy combat-ready hoodie isn't just warm; it's a testament to your excellent Pokémon trainer taste, boasting a minimalist front design and an action-packed print on the back. What's the front got? Just a subtle nod to coolness with a pale blue 'BLASTOISE' and 'POKEMON 009' on the chest, telling the world you've got a water-type ally in your fashion choices. It's the perfect wear for your next gym battle or just a casual day out in the Pokémon world!

  • Black
  • Blue
  • 100% Cotton