Mens Pokemon Gengar Hoodie


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  • Ghoulish Gengar Style: Unleash the playful spook with a large, bold Gengar image on the back, highlighted with vibrant purple lettering!
  • Cosy and Cool: Feel the 100% cotton comfort while showing off your dark and mysterious Pokémon love with the sneaky Gengar!

Navigate the shadows with our mischievously delightful Gengar Men’s Hoodie! Envelop yourself in the comforting embrace of 100% cotton while parading a large, menacing image of Gengar, hauntingly framed by his name in striking purple atop and “Pokémon 094” below. But wait, the front left isn't left barren, sporting a subtle “GENGAR POKEMON 094” to whisper your alliance with the ghostly Pokémon! A cosy must-have for Pokémon trainers, perfect for those night-time adventures or simply chilling in ethereal style.

  • Black
  • Purple
  • 100% Cotton