Mens Pokemon Venusaur Tshirt


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  • Vibrant Venusaur Design: Stand out in any Trainer crowd with the vivid, large front print, showcasing a rare blue Venusaur and the iconic "Pokemon 003" tagline.
  • Pokemon Cotton Comfort: Embrace your inner champion with 100% cotton comfort in this sleek black tee featuring the mighty Venusaur.
Ready to make a powerful statement, Trainers? Our exclusive black t-shirt isn't just about the unparalleled comfort of its 100% cotton fabric; it's a tribute to one of the mightiest in the Pokémon realm - Venusaur! This isn't your everyday Venusaur either; it's a striking blue variant, poised and ready for battle, emblazoned right there on the front. Above and below this majestic creature are the bold declarations of its name and prestigious 'Pokemon 003' status, making this tee a must-have for fans who want their style to be both comfy and Champion-level cool!

  • Black
  • Blue
  • 100% Cotton