Monopoly - Squishmallows Edition


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  • Squishmallow Surprise: Dive into a squishy world of property trading with Monopoly: Squishmallows Edition – where the classic board game meets the cuddliest companions!
  • Mega Monopoly Gift: The perfect gift for Squishmallows collectors and Monopoly enthusiasts alike, this edition is an adorable twist on a family favourite.

Monopoly: Squishmallows Edition is the squeezable version of the age-old classic that brings together the thrill of the chase for properties with the charm of the Squishmallows. In this unique game, players buy, sell, and trade their favourite plush characters, from Gordon the Shark to Archie the Axolotl, turning playtime into a soft and cosy business venture. The board is a rainbow of Squishmallow fun, ensuring that every roll of the dice advances you in a world of cute and squishy surprises. It's the ultimate gift for anyone who adores Squishmallows, or for those looking to add a touch of whimsy and comfort to their gaming nights!

  • Multicoloured