PAW Patrol Birthday T-Shirt - Chase and Marshall


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  • 4 Options For Different Ages: Choose from "I Am 2," "I Am 3," "I Am 4," or "I Am 5" to celebrate your little hero’s big day with the perfect age-appropriate flair!
  • PAW-some Pals Front and Centre: This Tshirt features the courageous Chase and the fiery Marshall from PAW Patrol, making it an instant hit for any young fan!

This delightful boys' t-shirt is the ultimate birthday treat, especially designed for turning 2, 3, 4, or 5 years old. With four age-specific options, simply select "I Am 2," "I Am 3," "I Am 4," or "I Am 5" to ensure the t shirt proudly displays the right number for your child's new age. Adorned with beloved characters Chase and Marshall from PAW Patrol, this tee is not just comfortable but also super fun, making it a fabulous birthday gift for any little adventurer. Note: Be sure to pick the correct age option, as the number selected (e.g., "I Am 2") corresponds directly to the number featured on the shirt!

  • Blue
  • 100% Cotton