Princess Leia Star Wars Crystal Art Buddy


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  • Princess Leia To The Rescue: Leia in her iconic white dress, trusty pistol, and legendary hair buns come together in this sparkling tribute, a must-have for any Star Wars aficionado.
  • Creative Star Wars Crafting: Embark on a 20-30 minute crafting adventure to bring an 11cm crystal Princess Leia to life, in her classic regalia.

Unleash the Force of your creativity with our Disney Star Wars Princess Leia Crystal Art Buddy! In just 20-30 minutes, watch as Leia emerges in shimmering form, her iconic white tunic, space-worthy hair buns, and blaster all ready for action against the Empire's stormtroopers. Whether you're an old-school rebel or a new galaxy explorer, this craft kit is your ticket to a starry adventure, making your collection the envy of the entire galaxy. It's the ultimate crafty sidekick for any Star Wars enthusiast, promising a universe of fun in the palm of your hands! The perfect crafting gift for Star Wars fans. 

  • Brown
  • White