Sonic Lunch Box


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  • Gear up for a fun filled lunchtime adventure with our Sonic lunchbox! Featuring three compartments and a vibrant blue lid, it's the perfect accessory to bring a dash of excitement to your meals!
  • Immerse yourself in the world of Sonic with the captivating designs on this lunchbox. From Sonic getting ready for an adventure to the Sonic The Hedgehog logo and the "It's All About Speed" wording, every meal becomes a playful celebration of Sonic's universe!

Get ready for a speed filled lunchtime adventure with our playful Sonic lunchbox! This fun and vibrant lunchtime companion features three compartments and a vibrant blue lid adorned with dynamic designs. From Sonic standing tall and ready for adventure to the iconic Sonic The Hedgehog logo in bright colours and the energizing "It's All About Speed" wording against a gold ring, every meal becomes a thrilling celebration of Sonic's world. Pair it with a Sonic backpack or a Sonic drinks bottle and embark on a day of action-packed fun and exciting adventures!

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