Spidey And His Amazing Friends Clogs


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  • Web-Slinger Style: Strap these on and swing into action with Spidey's iconic mask and web design!
  • With A Handy Strap To Keep Secure: The handy back strap ensures these kicks stay on tight, whether you're hopping through puddles or chasing villains!

These stylish boys' water shoes are a must-have for any young Spidey And His Amazing Friends fan. The bold red design, featuring Spider-Man’s unmistakable mask and webbing, not only looks cool but also brings a bit of superhero flair to every outfit. Perfect for active little adventurers, the secure strap at the back keeps the clogs snug and comfortable during all kinds of play. Dive into fun with these eye-catching sandals that are as functional as they are fun!

  • Red
  • Synthetic