Top Trumps Match Game - Gabby's Dollhouse Edition


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  • Crazy Cat Game: Dive into Gabby's world with the "Top Trumps Match Cube Game – Gabby's Dollhouse," where matching fun meets feline friends and whimsical adventures.
  • Gabby Gifting: The purr-fect present for little fans, this game brings the charming chaos of Gabby's Dollhouse to your table top.

Step into Gabby's world with the "Top Trumps Match Cube Game – Gabby's Dollhouse"! This game takes the excitement of matching and strategy to adorable new heights, featuring all the familiar faces from the hit show. Kids will delight in lining up the colourful cubes to match their favourite characters for the win, all while developing critical thinking and memory skills. It's the ideal gift for those little dreamers who can't get enough of Gabby and her fluffy entourage, promising hours of engaging play and dollhouse delights.

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