Trolls Single Duvet Set


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  • Enchantingly Colourful Design: Vibrant purple bedding adorned with cheerful Poppy and Viva characters, against a magical rainbow, sprinkled with whimsical white stars.
  • Two Delightful Sides to Choose: Reversible feature allows a switch from a spectacular show of characters and rainbows to a fun-filled blue with yellow and pink movie ticket style tubs, florals, and starry details.

Embrace a world where every bedtime is a whimsical adventure with our Trolls bedding featuring the joyful journeys of Poppy and Viva! On one side, the vivid purple canvas sparkles with our friendly Trolls, a splendid rainbow, and a sprinkling of white stars, beneath which their names dazzle in bold pink and gold letters. Flip the bedding, and voila! You’re greeted by a sea of vibrant blue, peppered with playful movie ticket tub graphics, lightning bolts, and enchanting silhouettes of our star characters. With the cosy pillowcase showcasing a heart warming "best of friends" message and our Troll pals hand in hand, sweet dreams are just a blink away!

  • Multicoloured