Unicorn Barbie Pyjamas


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  • Dreamy Duo Pyjamas: Barbie and her unicorn companion shine bright with sparkly outlines, making bedtime a sparkly affair!
  • Starry Stylish PJs: The pj bottoms are a galaxy of fun with stars, the Barbie logo, and her iconic silhouette, perfect for your little trendsetter.

This Barbie pyjama set are a dream come true for any young fashionista. The top features an enchanting image of Barbie with her magical unicorn, both with sparkle outlines, alongside the inspiring words "Dream Team" and "Barbie" in glitter. The bottoms are a playful canvas of stars, the Barbie logo, and Barbie's iconic silhouette, creating a look that's as stylish as it is comfortable. Ideal for cosy nights and playful dreams, these pyjamas are sure to be a hit with any Barbie enthusiast!

  • Pink
  • 100% Cotton