Womens Winnie The Pooh T-Shirt


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  • Embark on a whimsical journey with this eye-catching tee featuring Winnie The Pooh holding a cheerful red balloon while floating through the sky. The cleverly styled 'Pooh' text above him uses the red balloon as one of the 'O's, adding an extra touch of playfulness to this Disney t-shirt!
  • Crafted from the softest 100% Cotton and adorned with an embroidered Disney logo tag, this top guarantees ultimate comfort and authenticity, making it a must-have for any Disney fan's clothing collection!

Get ready for a dose of pure enchantment with this Winnie The Pooh tshirt! Pooh Bear takes centre stage, holding onto a vibrant red balloon as he floats through the sky. And wait, there's more fun to it! The 'Pooh' text right above him in yellow uses his balloon to make the 'O'! Made of the cosiest 100% Cotton, this tee feels like a warm hug from your favourite honey-loving bear. It's a fashion forward ticket to the Hundred Acre Wood that no Disney fan should miss! So, unleash your inner child, and let the adventures begin!

  • White
  • 100% Cotton